"What else to say other than 'Thank you for no pain!' Beth's professional guidance and knowledge has improved my posture, eliminated my chronic pain, and increased my stamina. I've actually regained a full inch in height. Amazing!"



First Session, 45 minutes        $150.00

In your first session, we will review your paperwork, discuss the history of your pain and discomfort, and establish the goals you hope to achieve with Egoscue. I will take multi-directional photos of you in order to do the posture analysis, and will also guide your through some gentle assessment exercises to see how your body moves. The photo and posture analysis is included in this fee. Save time by filling out your intake form before your first appointment. Find them below under "downloads."

Second Session, 1.5 - 2 hours        $95.00

Together we'll review your posture photos, and you will gain a clear understanding of how your alignment is affecting your overall health. You will receive an exercise "menu" designed specifically for your needs, and together we'll move through each posture exercise and ensure you're comfortable doing each exercise on your own at home. 

Extra Support Session, 1 hour        $55.00

First and foremost, my goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and supported through your experience with Egoscue. If you find yourself forgetting your routine, feel like something is just not right, or if you need some extra support, you can schedule a one hour session, anytime.

Your posture/alignment package includes:

Multi-directional photos to asses your alignment issues

Professional analysis with PDF's and videos

Comprehensive 2-hour session to explain your results and exercises

Extra support and fine tuning


Egoscue Health Forms (pdf)


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